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fabulously strange stuff.

throws rainbows in the sun!

i think i have sufficient evidence now to safely conclude that all monkeys are super creepy.

there are other fairly creepy things about this picture, by the way.


Here’s more on this screw-in coffin.

spot the cow centipede

left me speechless… with terror.

i think the human centipede is trending

centipede tattoo

centipede necklace

centipede video game

centipede cat toy

centipede make up tutorial

I think I’ll keep all centipede-related craziness in this post from now on… no pictures on this post anymore as they made this Experiment seem a little creepy. click the links to satisfy your curiosity.

super cute!

if you can get over the creepiness that is walking talking baby teeth, that is. i should also mention that these teeth have teeth.

but if you can get over this you will positively melt with the cuteness that is My Milk Toof.