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eat me, drink me. (no added chemical x)

NO! one of my favourite propaganda posters.

a shocking eye-opener

Big Sugar (which you can watch here) is a look behind the scenes of sugar production. If you think there’s anything ethical about sugar or believe that slavery is long over please watch this documentary. You’ll be appalled.

Another reason to consider going sugar-free, if you needed another after Sugar: the Bitter Truth

haha, yeah.

Q: What would most people be surprised to find in your kitchen?

Steve Carrel’s A: I think most people would be surprised to find a unicorn in my kitchen. So would I.

cars and cookies

This is a brilliant idea — how to bake cookies in your car. If you want awesome no-margarine cookies try this recipe.

Sugar: the Bitter Truth

I stumbled upon this talk by Dr. Robert Lustig who makes a very interesting point about sugar, fructose in particular, being the main cause of evilness like heart disease, obesity, diabetes and others including inflammation.

In a nutshell he says it isn’t fat that makes us fat but sugar. According to him, a calorie is not just a calorie, especially not if it comes from fructose because of how the body metabolises fructose — basically storing huge amounts of fat and effectively poisoning your liver and messing up your entire metabolism. It’s important to add that fructose in fruit and vegetables doesn’t harm you in this way as it is present in small quantities and accompanied by plenty of fiber, which is key, says Dr. Lustig.

Alan Aragon has written up a great response/ rebuttal to Dr. Lustig over at his blog. His main point is that it’s all about dosage and Lustig’s alarmism will have people going sugar-free for no good reason. I think Alan is right about dosage, but just how much sugar are we consuming nowadays? I think the safe dosage is probably being exceeded by far. Either way, his post is worth reading.

Dr. Lustig’s talk is embed here. You can find a simplified (and much shorter) version here but I’d encourage everyone to watch the full video below.

let’s make a sandwich!

evil nightshade

For the past two months or so I’ve had the most annoying condition, inflammation of the ribs. Not recommended. While I’m mostly healed now it has prompted some research on my part for natural cures for inflammation.

I will share my most depressing find: potatoes, tomatoes, aubergine and peppers are evil.

What rubbish, you’re thinking. I know. However, the claim seems to be scientifically backed up and I’ve yet to find someone in the natural healing circles that doesn’t share this belief, especially concerning potatoes.

Depressing, isn’t it? Yet when I remember what severe inflammation feels like, my appetite for chips, tomato sauce and baba ganoush is mostly gone…