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NO! one of my favourite propaganda posters.

The Human Centipede

It’s been a couple of days since I watched The Human Centipede (trailer below) and I’m still crushed. This film wilted my soul a little — and I’m not even talking about the whole a2m business.

To get it out of the way: the film is really not as much of a gross-out as you would expect. Centipede is not torture porn, it doesn’t revel in showing you every gross and repulsive detail. Obviously it means to shock you silly but in truth most of it is left to your imagination. That thing you immediately thought of when you saw the trailer is not the focus of the movie. It is in exactly one scene, the camera pans away and the entire situation is surrounded with some light comedic elements to help the audience along.

But despite its sporadic comedic elements this is not a dark comedy as some people claim. Centipede is shot as too realistic (100% medically accurate, remember?) and tragic to be a comedy. Laughter is a shock reaction, a defence mechanism (think back to that Harry Potter scene with Snape in a dress). Granted, the film’s beginning is super campy, the girls act stupid and well, it’s just not very well written and ends up being unintentionally a little funny at first.

But when things get going there is just nothing funny about it. The girls sob throughout the entire thing, and no matter how ridiculous you think the premise is, the shocking despair, agony and hopelessness you see on the screen should be enough to hold back your giggles.

It really does get to you, or at least it did to me. It’s all so… hopeless. Centipede is throughout shocking but also filled with true horror. It ends on an extremely depressing note, a scene which will stick with me for a while… It’s actually a well-made film too, with pretty good photography for a low budget endeavour. Dieter Laser who plays the doctor should get an award urgently; he’s seriously one of the best Mad Scientists to ever grace the screen.

Above all, Centipede is effective and successful as both drama and horror. (But for the love of God, Tom Six, please work with a proper screenwriter next time — I’m available.) I don’t know if I should recommend The Human Centipede to anyone as it’s pretty intense, so watch at your own peril.

Tip: if the trailer really got to you but you’re afraid to watch the film, do take the plunge. It will put your mind at ease.

Here‘s Roger Ebert’s review. It’s a mostly positive critique though he gives the film no stars (not zero stars!)

LOST: it wasn’t all the dog’s dream, but that’s close enough.

I’m glad I foresaw this disaster and gave up on Lost halfway through season 3. Now that I know what the end is, I can see my decision was wise and saved me major frustration.

However, this ending still upsets me majorly. I’ll tell you why: it’s not nice to con an audience as faithful as Lost’s. It’s cheap and dishonest to promise answers and then deliver vague ambiguity!

You can say all you want about the show’s heart being the characters but you and I and everyone with a brain knows that Lost became huge because of the mystery and the questions about the island, not the characters. Yes, after six seasons people get attached to the heroes and want to know what happens to them. Still, the one reason anyone got hooked on the show in the first place was the freaking Island.

Do you think people watched the pilot and went, Oh what an interesting character, this Jack. I wonder what his journey will be. No! People went ballistic over the smoke monster, the hatch, polar bears, Dharma Initiative, the numbers, and what in the world is that damn Island?! And to that it seems the only answer given was: it doesn’t matter.You’ve been punk’d!

What crap, seriously. I bet most fans feel like such fools right now.

runner’s high

So this is my new favourite thing in the world. This feeling.

It’s a lousy gym in a damp basement and I’m drenched on a treadmill, surrounded by sweaty strangers, pervy old men, weight-obsessed girls and the occasional meathead. An unromantic setting, sure enough, but the outside is irrelevant. I focus.

Inside, all is bliss. My mind is perfectly still, there is no pain, no effort. I run but I feel as if I’m floating. There’s perfect awareness and perfect detachment simultaneously. Runner’s high. It’s pretty damn amazing.

Much to my disappointment, it doesn’t always happen. If I push myself to go a little longer, a little faster I increase my odds of getting it. Just chasing the feeling is a thrill by itself!

Maybe this is only runner’s joy. Maybe I need to hit a nice trail to experience the big High. But if it’s like this on a treadmill then I can only imagine how mindblowing it must be when you’re out running in the woods…! I’m bumping that one to the very top of my to-do list.

I wonder why no one told me about this before. Had I known running was this brilliant I would have put on running shoes faster than you can say “Run, Forrest, run!” So I’m telling you all now: it’s gooood. Go run!

If you want to know a little more about runner’s high, here‘s what The New York Times has to say about it.

soundtrack to previous post

This video is the first I’ve seen the lead singer. I’m appalled at his geekyness. For years I’ve listened to their songs and pictured a hunk with a strong jawline and fantastic 80s hair. I feel slightly cheated — and yet, my love for Prefab Sprout has grown.

wrong strategy…

Here is a gallery of women with a variety of body types. It’s meant to help women realise they don’t have to conform to a certain weight or body shape. I’m all for self-love; it breaks my heart to see girls hate their bodies and themselves for being “fat”.

What bothers me, though, is how a lot of the women in this gallery (and others) are clearly obese, even morbidly obese. It’s okay to be overweight, chubby,  fat, but it’s not okay to “accept” or “embrace” obesity — this is self-loathing too, only masquerading as positive acceptance and progressive celebration of diversity.

There’s a number of serious health complications brought about by obesity and it’s been scientifically proven for decades that it will decrease your well-being, quality of life, and critically shorten your life. Encouraging a girl to stay dangerously overweight in order to prevent her from becoming dangerously underweight is pointless. Diabetes, heart and liver desease and bad joints are no better than an eating disorder.

True self-love encourages health, not passive acceptance of what’s wrong. Accept that you’re probably not going to be a supermodel but don’t “accept” that you’ll never be fit. Love yourself, take care of your body.


Glee season 1, episode 15 — The Power of Madonna

This was mindblowing. Continue reading