runner’s high

So this is my new favourite thing in the world. This feeling.

It’s a lousy gym in a damp basement and I’m drenched on a treadmill, surrounded by sweaty strangers, pervy old men, weight-obsessed girls and the occasional meathead. An unromantic setting, sure enough, but the outside is irrelevant. I focus.

Inside, all is bliss. My mind is perfectly still, there is no pain, no effort. I run but I feel as if I’m floating. There’s perfect awareness and perfect detachment simultaneously. Runner’s high. It’s pretty damn amazing.

Much to my disappointment, it doesn’t always happen. If I push myself to go a little longer, a little faster I increase my odds of getting it. Just chasing the feeling is a thrill by itself!

Maybe this is only runner’s joy. Maybe I need to hit a nice trail to experience the big High. But if it’s like this on a treadmill then I can only imagine how mindblowing it must be when you’re out running in the woods…! I’m bumping that one to the very top of my to-do list.

I wonder why no one told me about this before. Had I known running was this brilliant I would have put on running shoes faster than you can say “Run, Forrest, run!” So I’m telling you all now: it’s gooood. Go run!

If you want to know a little more about runner’s high, here‘s what The New York Times has to say about it.

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