wrong strategy…

Here is a gallery of women with a variety of body types. It’s meant to help women realise they don’t have to conform to a certain weight or body shape. I’m all for self-love; it breaks my heart to see girls hate their bodies and themselves for being “fat”.

What bothers me, though, is how a lot of the women in this gallery (and others) are clearly obese, even morbidly obese. It’s okay to be overweight, chubby,  fat, but it’s not okay to “accept” or “embrace” obesity — this is self-loathing too, only masquerading as positive acceptance and progressive celebration of diversity.

There’s a number of serious health complications brought about by obesity and it’s been scientifically proven for decades that it will decrease your well-being, quality of life, and critically shorten your life. Encouraging a girl to stay dangerously overweight in order to prevent her from becoming dangerously underweight is pointless. Diabetes, heart and liver desease and bad joints are no better than an eating disorder.

True self-love encourages health, not passive acceptance of what’s wrong. Accept that you’re probably not going to be a supermodel but don’t “accept” that you’ll never be fit. Love yourself, take care of your body.

3 responses to “wrong strategy…

  1. Can you tell me which of those women you thought were morbidly obese? I didn’t see any. I’m not being cheeky. I really didn’t. They all look healthy weights to me. If you eat right and exercise regularly, you will be healthy, but you won’t necessarily be skinny.

  2. The thigh picture on page 2 and the nude on white background on page 3 would be just two examples of morbidly obese women. There are others who I would consider obese. And yes, there are also many who I think are a healthy weight.

    Healthy are skinny aren’t synonyms. In fact, I think most of the time people (women particularly) look healthier with a little meat on their bones, though this is personal preference. The question is not one of being skinny vs. being obese — obviously there are a lot of other weights and body shapes in between and most are healthy.

    My gripe is just with how these websites seem to promote something that is decidedly unhealthy to make women feel better about themselves. It’s unnecessary — and dangerous. An obese person *should* be told they’re unhealthy and *should* strive for an healthier weight, just like an underweight person.

  3. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize there were multiple pages. I just saw the first one.

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