RIP Kiron twins

Two-headed twins born in Bangladesh.
Twins passed away aged 2 days.

Sad. Wish they could have lived and be happy like the Hensel twins.

3 responses to “RIP Kiron twins

  1. It’s sad but it’s no suprise since, their abnormality was due to carbon emissions in the air.

  2. Actually, AJ, it’s not that rare for twins to be conjoined and there have been reported cases from as far back as you can think. From what I understand, the Kiron twins were an extreme case of conjoined twins. (Information is scarce regarding the boys but I think they shared a lot more vital organs than the Hensel girls.)

    I don’t doubt that extreme pollution has had a lot to do with how we feel and what we are today, but I don’t think it is to blame for malformations such as these. I think Nature likes to experiment from time to time… After all, mutations and adaptations are the basis for evolution.

  3. they are ugly

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