Thomas Beatie had a baby.

Remember the pregnant man? Meet his baby girl!


7 responses to “Thomas Beatie had a baby.


  2. EWWW!!!!!!!

  3. congradulation to your new baby take care

  4. i have just watched your doco on tv in the uk, i think what you have done and got is a miracle any life is, i wish you all the joys of having a baby and a great partner, my partner and my self are doing the same thing(we are same sex couple) again good luck and enjoy stu & rich xxxx

  5. I say good luck to you, thomas. But can i ask you, arent you scared? I would be

    Congratulations x

  6. It’s great you’ve had the courage to be a man, especially when you’ve been a really pretty woman, but how are you going to say to your girl “yeah, pumpkin, daddy wants to tell you something, ah, yeah, I gave birth instead of yo mama”

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