temporary self-abandonment

To enter a story, one must give up being oneself for a while. Self-abandonment to a story is probably one of the crucial forms of human experience, since few cultures have been discovered which did not value it.

Paul Zweig, The Adventurer

One response to “temporary self-abandonment

  1. This is a late message, but a truly message from the deepest place of my heart.

    I know that isn´t the best moment to tell all my truthest feeling about you, but indeed i can wait more time to say it to you.

    I love you Filipa, and that is really boring me

    ( Não espero uma resposta positiva tua como é 0bvio, mas como não aguento mais guardar este sentimento decidi partilhá-lo com o mundo)

    Mas se um dia tiveres tempo para mim, dir-te-ei calmamente ao ouvido aquilo que o Bill disse à Scarlett…

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